From December 2019 NOCN will be delivering the CPCS Renewal Test, at this point CITB will no longer administer the CPCS Renewal Test or provide customer service for this test. All management and ownership of the test will sit with NOCN.

In order to avoid candidates having to cancel and reschedule their test with NOCN – from midnight 1 November 2019 CITB will not be in a position to take any more bookings for the CITB CPCS Renewal test for dates post 30 November 2019.

Further communications will follow which will provide additional information, links and specific effective dates from when NOCN will be delivering the CPCS renewal test in its entirety and accepting bookings.

We would like to assure you that throughout this transition; all ITC’s will continue to be supported by a dedicated Customer Operations team.

Please note: This does not impact your delivery of the HS&E test. The HS&E test continues to be delivered and owned by CITB.