Abrasive Wheels Training

Our Abrasive Wheel Training Courses are:

  • British Abrasives Federation (BAF) Accredited.
  • Delivered by our own Accredited Instructors (who are machine operators).
  • Compliant with Government COVID Secure Guidance (if the training is on your site, then suitable facilities will need to be provided).
  • Will include a Theory Session with Machine Specific Information (can be delivered online or on your site).
  • Will include Practical Assessments in Small Groups (to reduce social contact).

Courses Available:

  • Angle Grinder.
  • Petrol Cut-Off Saw.
  • Chop Saw.
  • Bench/Pedestal Grinder.
  • Precision Grinding.

If you use more than one machine type, then we can teach any combination of the machines listed above.
The theory part of the training can now be delivered via an online webinar or on your site (permitting you can facilitate social distancing measures) if you prefer.

Should you decide to use the online option for the theory part of this course, then this must all be watched and a theory test completed before we attend your site for the practical assessments. The practical training is an integral part of an abrasive wheel course, and this part cannot be completed virtually. The practical element of the training will be conducted on your site but in small groups of a maximum of 3 people at a time and taking approximately 45 minutes to complete each group.

The Abrasive Wheels practical training will include:

  • Wheel changes.
  • Dressing of the wheels where required.
  • Operator competency assessment. The abrasive wheel training course that you require needs to be relevant to your operators and the types of machines that they use.

Our courses are accredited by the British Abrasives Federation (BAF) and have been designed by us with guidance from industry experts.
The abrasive wheel training courses we deliver are delivered by expert instructors who have decades of teaching experience between them and are also experienced abrasive wheel machine operators.

We will also provide you with advice and recommendations on making sure that your use of abrasive wheels is as safe as it can be.

For more information please contact us.

“There is no substitute for thorough practical training in all aspects of the mounting and use of abrasive wheels.” – Source HSG17 “Safety in the Use of Abrasive Wheels”.