Site Safety Plus Training Courses

Site Safety Plus Training Courses

Site Safety Plus (SSP) provides the construction industry with a suite of courses for health and safety awareness and career development to help maintain a safe workforce.

These courses are designed to give everyone from operative to senior manager the skills they need to progress through the industry. From a one-day Health and Safety Awareness (HSA) course, which also supports those requiring the knowledge to obtain their CSCS Labourer Card, to the five-day Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS), our suite of courses ensure everyone benefits from the best possible training.

Site Safety Plus training is imperative on all construction sites to keep workers free from harm. CITB Site Safety Plus courses ensure you have the knowledge to spot risks and prevent injuries.

Site Safety Plus CITB Health & Safety Awareness

The Health and Safety Awareness course is a basic introduction to health and safety. This course is highly suitable for those who are just starting in the construction industry. It is especially relevant to those who are very new to being on-site, such as Labourers.

Usually, delegates who attend this course are aiming to obtain their CSCS Green card. Workers who haven’t renewed their CSCS card need to also attend this course. Since the changes in July 2014, it became compulsory to attend the one day course to obtain your CSCS Card.

Site Safety Plus SSSTS

The Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) is a course that has been tailored to provide relevant information for those who hold a supervisory role. If your position involves managing staff, delegating roles and having a hands-on role in the workforce, then SSSTS is the training course most suited to you.

The course will help you understand why certain rules are implemented and assigned to workers and also how you can ensure that everyone is aware of these rules and contributing to site safety.

Site Safety Plus SMSTS

The Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) is a more extensive variety of the SSSTS training course. The course provides information on how to meet the increasing need for a high standard of health and safety management on site.

If your role involves overseeing the day to day running operations on-site, recruiting a competent team and organising the set-up on-site, then the SMSTS course is ideal for you. The course covers how you can responsibly manage the safety of your team. As well as how to manage and prevent accidents.

Temporary Works Coordinator

This course is suitable for those on site who have the duty of managing temporary works. If you operate in this role; the course allows you to assure your manager so that you have the relevant knowledge to conduct your job correctly.

The Temporary Works Coordinator improves your knowledge of risk assessments. As well as improving method statements, best code of practice and overall management.

Temporary Works Supervisor

The CITB designed this course specifically to support workers who are in a supervisory role on temporary works site. The course teaches individuals how to help team cooperation on site. It also covers all the legal duties involved with temporary works.


The Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme (SEATS) qualification is ideal for anyone who works in a management or supervisory role on site. The course covers a basic level of the on-site environmental aspects and why looking after the environment is highly important.

Knowing how to make sites environmentally friendly is looked upon favourably. Therefore, the SEATS qualification is always a beneficial certificate to have.

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