Sit-astride all terrain vehicles (ATVs, also known as Quad Bikes or Quadbikes) are incredibly versatile machines.
Their flexibility means they can work with a range of attachments, including trailers, sprayers and spreaders. That makes them popular across many agricultural businesses.
But that popularity comes with the potential for danger. Without proper training, serious accidents can – and do – occur.
Our course is aimed at learners with little experience of ATV riding.
Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll receive a certificate of training for sit-astride ATVs – including loads and trailed equipment.

The finer details

Our experienced instructors will guide you though all the key areas required to master ATV riding.
There’s a balanced mix of theory and practice, starting with a detailed look at key health and safety issues.

You’ll also learn the finer points of route planning and understand exactly what the vehicle can do.
And then you’ll be on the vehicle and into a series of practical sessions.
You’ll be taught basic manoeuvres and get to grips with riding on a range of different and challenging terrains.Operating the vehicle with loads and trailers will also be covered

Course details:

Accident prevention
What is an ATV?
Daily/safety checks
Possible problems
Route planning – risk assessment
Familiarisation with instruments and controls
Starting and stopping the machine
Driving the machine – basic manoeuvres
Ascend/Descend/Traverse safely
Limitations of loaded ATVs
Practical exercise.


Who should attend?

Anyone required to use a sit-astride ATV as part of their work. This would include novices and experienced operators who require their skills up-dating, with certification.
We’d recommend a 1 day course for experienced learners and a 2 day course for those with little experience. If you’re a complete novice, you may need longer to complete this course.