Health and Safety Course For Directors and Senior managers Overview

This course aims to inspire directors and senior managers and provide them with an understanding of their responsibility for the safety, health and wellbeing of people in their organisation.

By the end of the course Candidates will:

  • Understand the health and safety requirements placed on organisations and individuals
  • Understand how to reduce risks to people and the business
  • Understand how good health and safety will support the bottom line
  • Assess how well safety, health and wellbeing is being led within their organisation
  • Understand the latest thinking on wellbeing, mental health and stress management
  • Reflect on and identify improvements to their personal leadership in relation to health and safety.

It covers legal requirements, risk management and individual as well as corporate responsibilities. It also provides an understanding as to how best practice can increase productivity and benefit the bottom line.
The one-day course is designed for senior managers, directors, board members and human resource professionals who have responsibility for managing the health and safety in the workplace.