Never before has improving the mental health of the nation been so important. That’s why we are offering mental health training courses to help you manage your own and your employees’ mental health.

Accredited by Mental Health England, our courses support you to:

  • Learn about mental health and how to identify, understand and help someone who may be experiencing a mental health issue

  • Help your workplace managers to develop their skills and knowledge to have effective mental health conversations with their teams

Our courses are delivered online or on-site at your workplace. You can book the online courses today and we can take a reservation for an on-site course to be delivered at a later date.

No matter which sector you work in, coronavirus will be having an impact on your people and their mental health and wellbeing. We are focused on providing support to your workplace through adapted training and new resources. We will support your organisation to look after the mental health of your employees.

Take a look at our course overview here.