This mindfulness course describes what mindfulness is and its benefits for maintaining good mental health. The course outlines the main elements of mindfulness as used in healthcare settings. These elements are the mindfulness attitudes, formal practices (meditation and yoga) and informal mindfulness.

Who is the Mindfulness Training Course for?

This course is ideal for all employees as everyone is susceptible to stress in the workplace, and could benefit from becoming more mindful.

Benefits of our Mindfulness Training Course:

  • Ensures employees are aware of how mindfulness can improve mental wellbeing and reduce stress.
  • Explains the nine attitudes of mindfulness and their benefits
  • Describes mindfulness techniques such as meditation and yoga
  • Describes informal mindfulness techniques that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine
  • Regularly updated with improvements and new ground-breaking training techniques in themindfulness field
  • Freedom to edit according to your business needs