Course Overview:

Risk assessments are a legal requirement for all types of workplaces. The course helps you to understand each of the key steps of a risk assessment, including how to identify risks, manage hazards and determine the likelihood of harm, so that you are confident in carrying out a risk assessment in your own premises.

what the training covers:

  • An introduction to risk assessment
  • Legal requirements
  • Hazards
  • Risks
  • Objectives of risk assessments
  • The five stages of risk assessment
  • Practical exercises

what is risk assessment training?

581,000 working people have sustained an injury at work according to the Labour Force Survey, carrying out risk assessments within your organisations can help you limit any injuries you or your employees may face.
Risk assessment training teaches you both what risk assessments are, as well as how and when to perform them. It provides you with an understanding of the benefits of comprehensive risk assessments and how to comply with basic legislation.