SA002A Underground Safety Awareness

This SA002A Underground Safety Awareness accreditation covers two modules:

  • Gas Testing

  • Cover Lifting

On the SA002A Underground Safety Awareness course, learners are provided with the knowledge and skills to identify the hazards and potential risks involved in working safely in or around underground structures and operational buildings. The SA002A accreditation is for individuals that work in a telecommunication (or similar utility) environment. This enables learners to gain knowledge of compliance with Health and Safety legislation.

This accreditation is designed to test learners’ knowledge, skills and understanding of dangers associated with these works, and the safety precautions required while working in the underground network. The SA002A UG Safety Awareness accreditation is for individuals that need to gas test in the UG network and makes sure they suitably assessed and accredited to industry standards.

SA002A UG Safety Awareness does not qualify an individual to enter a confined space. Those individuals who need to enter confined spaces MUST hold appropriate accreditation to enter confined spaces. Therefore, any references made in the material mentioning confined spaces are for information only and to make learners aware of the risks and presence of gases that may also be present in confined spaces.

The candidate will gain the SA002A UG Safety Awareness certification from the governing body, Smart Awards. This will enable the learner to update their NOPS card, issued by Smart Awards. Application for a NOPS card, to allow you to work safely on the telecoms network, can be found on the Smart Awards website. Just click the link:

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