SA010 Medium Risk Confined Space

This SA010 Medium Risk Confined Space accreditation covers:

  • Defining Confined Spaces

  • Managing Confined Spaces including Access & Egress

  • Gas Detection

  • Emergency Rescue Plan & Escape Set Breathing Apparatus

This SA010 Medium Risk Confined Space accreditation covers the requirements for Work in Medium Risk Confined Spaces. It provides learners with the knowledge and skills of the hazards and potential risks associated with confined spaces and the health and safety legislation related to confined spaces. This accreditation provides learners with knowledge and understanding of dangers associated with confined spaces.

Confined Space Definition

The term ‘Confined Space’ refers to any place including any vessel, tank, container, pit, chamber, cellar, or any other similar space. By virtue of its enclosed nature, it may create conditions that give rise to a likelihood of an accident or injury. This may cause an emergency situation due to the presence of…

  • Flammable or explosive atmospheres 
  • Harmful gas, fume, or vapour 
  • Free flowing solid or an increasing level of liquid 
  • Excess of oxygen 
  • Excessively high temperature 
  • The lack or reasonably foreseeable lack of oxygen 

You will find many confined spaces can be easily identified, such as man-holes for example. However, there are exceptions that may present themselves which could have open tops or sides. These may be small and difficult to get in and out of. Also, if the conditions have changed within the space, it may be considered as confined, especially if the oxygen levels are reduced or there is an increase of gas contaminants.

The candidate will gain the SA010 MRCS certification from the governing body, Smart Awards. This will enable the learner to update their NOPS card, issued by Smart Awards. Application for a NOPS card, to allow you to work safely on the telecoms network, can be found on the Smart Awards website. Just click the link:

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