This course is designed for those whose working role means that they are at a higher risk of injury from used and discarded needles, syringes or sharps; this includes those who undertake manual handling as part of their working role, as well as staff working for the local authorities.

Course Objectives

This course aims to raise awareness of the risks of needle stick and sharps injuries and outline how individuals can adopt safe working practices to minimise the risk of injury.


  • Introduction and explanation
  • Current legislation
  • Identify a sharp and how it can cause injury
  • Risks associated with injury
  • Treatment of injury
  • Reporting injury
  • Understanding of blood borne viruses and tetanus
  • Where sharps are mostly likely to be found
  • Risk assessment

who should attend?

For anyone who works with or handles sharp objectives in their occupation. It is advised that managers and supervisors attend this course, giving them a better understanding of what there workers are at risk of.