Course Aims

This course trains staff to reverse vehicles safely and avoid accidents.

Course Objectives

To know and understand the roles of the vehicle driver and the Banksman in reversing operations
The identification of areas of danger within sites
To understand the key issues arising out of reversing and maneuvering
Identify areas of danger for reversing vehicles
Demonstrate recommended HSE code of signals and reversing procedure


Staff will have the competence required to reverse or Manoeuvre vehicles either individually or as a team
HGV reversing operations carried out in a competent way
Reduction of risk of injury to staff and members of the public
Reduced vehicle and property damage caused by reversing vehicles

Training Methods

Classroom based tutorials and demonstrations.
A practical exercise may be included into the syllabus subject to a suitable and risk assessed practical area.

Duration of Training

1 day


At one of our accredited centres or, at your location. Please ensure that you make available a classroom suitable for the number of delegates available with a 240v power supply.


NPORS operator card