Course Overview

The course is for anyone who needs to both work at heights and with ladders and steps, combining two popular courses into one package.
Just as we do in the steps and ladders course, we will train the operative to a level of competence such as to carry out ladder inspections and to create a safe system of work when dealing with ladders and steps. As with the safety at heights course, we’ll help them understand the importance of being safe at heights, and how to assure this safety.
Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced operator looking to refresh your skills, we’ll ensure the course is suitable, useful and rewarding.

You will receive formal training and assessment in your knowledge and ability to safely work at heights, as well as with ladders and steps. Upon successful completion of the course you will be able to:
Operate equipment safely and correctly in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and accepted good practice

  • Carry out a pre-use inspection, daily checks and routine maintenance
  • Carry out ladder inspections to create a safe system of work for themselves and others
  • Operate safely under varying site conditions
  • Understand your responsibilities under current relevant legislation and approved codes of practice,
  • including the Health and Safety at Work Law 1989, Management in Construction (Jersey)
  • Regulations 2016 other current relevant legislation
  • This course meets the statutory requirements of the relevant legislation, whether local or UK, and
  • other relevant statutory provisions and approved Codes of Practice.